The SAR awards the ROTC Medal to foster the principle of the "citizen-soldier", exemplified by the Minutemen of Revolutionary War days. This award is presented by a Chapter, a State Society, or the National Society to ROTC or JROTC cadets who are selected for having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence. The recipients are selected by the Commanding Officer of the ROTC or JROTC unit, who should be given full latitude in making the selection.

The SAR ROTC Medal is approved by the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force. Each service has notified its ROTC and JROTC units of this approval and has authorized presentation to its cadets or midshipmen.

The Bronze Good Citizenship Medal was authorized in 1895 and recognizes persons whose achievements are noteworthy in their school, community or state. This medal can be awarded to both adults and minors.

The Silver Good Citizenship Medal was authorized in 1939 and recognizes outstanding and unusual patriotic achievement and service that is of a broader degree (state or national level) than required for the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal. The medal is presented to persons of prominence in the areas of government (including military service), religion, education, business and the professions, and other appropriate fields of endeavor.